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Great article in Forbes on seven ways to outsmart your competition with content marketing. Brian Sutter offers a good checklist of ways to know what your competition is doing with its content marketing, and how effective it is. With this knowledge, you can fine tune your own content marketing to stay ahead of the competition. As Sutter says:

“Most of what works or doesn’t work in content marketing is public. Because of this, it’s easy to take all of your competitors’ successes and failures and leverage them for yourself.”

Sutter shows you the tools you need to learn the following about your competition’s content marketing:

• What they publish (both on their blog and anywhere else)

• How well what they publish does on social media

• Which keywords they rank for

• What they’re doing with pay-per-click advertising, which terms they bid on, what they pay for it, and their ad copy

• Whether their social media following is growing or shrinking, and how engaged they are

• How their site performs

• Where their links are and when they got them.

Of course, your own content marketing should be well thought out, focused on target audiences, convey information that helps differentiate and position your product and company and people, and be a genuine and useful source of information to your clients and prospects. If it does all that, your blog will be well read, and Google with reward you with better placement in its search results.

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