Government Relations


Healthcare PR Must Be Integrated With Government Relations

Clients in regulated industries (and what isn’t regulated these days?) rely on Snow to develop and implement effective government relations strategies. Snow keeps its clients up to speed on legislative and regulatory trends and developments, and represents its clients’ interests before Federal and state legislatures and agencies (see WK case study). This is especially important in healthcare, food and beverage, financial and technology. Snow has worked with the FDA, HHS, DOD, EPA, OMB and other agencies.

Snow prepares comment letters to Federal and state agencies, meets with Congressional staff to share perspective and seek assistance, sets up meetings with policy makers, produces testimony and whitepapers, and arranges for legislation to be introduced.

Snow also integrates its government relations work with industry analyst relations, public relations, marketing and social media to most effectively advance its clients objectives.

What’s our secret? No, we don’t play golf with John Boehner, but we do apply the same Snow formula that works across the board in the other services we offer:
1. Put senior, experienced people on the account.
2. Gain deep knowledge of the client’s needs, market, challenges and opportunities.
3. Agree on a credible plan with the client and then be accountable for success.

Read our case study about how we advanced Wolters Kluwer Health’s government relations objectives.