Healthcare PR and Marketing


Healthcare is Transforming, So Must Healthcare PR and Marketing

The healthcare industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation from a fee-for-services to an outcomes based model. Meaningful use, value-based purchasing, accountable care organizations (ACO’s), the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and advanced clinical decision support (CDS) are driving big changes not only in healthcare, but in healthcare PR how healthcare is marketed. Equally significant is the rise of patient empowerment, as patients access their own records and online reference databases and become true partners in their own health.

Suppliers to the healthcare market must communicate how their products and services will help providers meet the new challenges and opportunities in healthcare. Providers must reach out to patients in new ways, emphasizing better outcomes and patient engagement.

What’s Your Best Strategy?

As a top Minneapolis healthcare PR firm, Snow Communications Healthcare PR advises healthcare clients on the best strategies for marketing, PR and social media, and helps drive those strategies. Snow plans and implements outreach to industry analysts and other key influencers. And Snow develops detailed plans for monitoring and influencing government policy-making processes. We have secured changes in evolving laws and regulations that benefit our clients, and have also helped secure millions of dollars in grants for our clients.

Snow works with medical device, healthcare consulting organizations and suppliers of electronic medical records (EMR’s) and CDS. Our clients are in Minneapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Seattle and Denver. We are actively engaged with the Congress, the FDA, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), and other agencies, both to monitor changes and advocate for our clients.

Our industry analyst relations practice works with leading healthcare industry analysts, including Gartner, The Advisory Board, IDC, KLAS Research, Outsell, Forrester and Chilmark.

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