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Google Glass pioneer interviewed  by Motley Fool. Kyle Samani, CEO of Snow client, Pristine, was interviewed at mHealthSummit by Motley Fool’s Rex Moore and Max Macaluso. In the video interview, Samani discusses his vision for improving healthcare with Google Glass applications that empower clinicians to extend their reach through telemedicine and access key information while in the OR and other clinical settings.

Google Glass Pioneer Interviewed

Pristine CEO Kyle Samani interviewed at mHealth Summit by Motley Fool

Pristine is delivering the next generation of telehealth communications solutions optimized for Google Glass in healthcare environments. EyeSight, Pristine’s flagship app, enables wireless, handsfree, first person, HIPAA-compliant audio/video streaming from Glass to authorized iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, and PCs. ER staff, emergency responders, and wound care staff are using EyeSight in live patient care environments today to beam in physician consults where it was never possible before. Surgeons are using EyeSight to deliver unprecedented opportunities in medical education. Other uses are being pioneered.

As a Minneapolis healthcare PR firm and content marketing firm, Snow Communications works with clients nationally to promote their business. Startups and product launches are a specialty of Snow.

Pristine was founded in Austin, Texas in 2013. More information can be found at and by following @PristineIO on Twitter.