B2B PR with Measurable Results

B2B PR Integrated with Search, Social Media and Content Marketing

Our business-to-business public relations provide measurable results by:

  • Reaching key decision makers who buy your product or service or influence the buying decision
  • Engaging this target audience via trade and business media, social media, digital PR, content marketing, video, events and trade shows, speaking, government relations and industry analyst relations
  • Impacting their buying behavior by presenting your value proposition in the best possible light, keeping you “top-of-mind” over time and building long-term brand equity.

Our PR team digs deep into your products, services, technologies, organization, values, markets and customers. We help you build an integrated, B2B PR message that communicates the key differentiators that distinguish you from your competition. We secure consistent coverage in leading media outlets and then amplify that coverage with search, social media and content marketing.

We’ve developed and implemented successful B2B PR strategies for clients in healthcare, technology, law firms, food and other industries. Our campaigns helped Merchant & Gould secure a million-dollar client, enabled Zepol to grow by double digits during a recession, and propelled new awareness and sales for Hormel’s B2B division.