Industry Analyst Relations for Healthcare and Technology Companies


Influencing the Influencers

Competing with an entrenched player or warding off challengers in technology markets requires building awareness and support for our clients’ products, solutions and perspective from industry analysts and other key influencers. Equally important is staying abreast of market trends and customer concerns.

Our clients see positive coverage in reports and analyst comments, supporting analyst quotes in media stories, blogs and marketing materials, and analyst recommendations to buyers of our clients’ products and services. They gain valuable insights from inquiries and briefings with analysts and from analyst reports.

Our industry analyst work is fully integrated with our public relations, government relations, marketing, search, social media and content marketing campaigns to facilitate higher revenues and stronger margins.

We’ve developed solid working relationships with healthcare and technology analysts at Gartner, IDC, The Advisory Board, KLAS, Chilmark, Outsell, Forrester and other analyst firms.