Law Firm PR and Marketing


A Million-Dollar Account Generated By Public Relations? Yes!

Can a law firm PR program bring in a seven-figure client? Yes, it can happen. Read our Merchant & Gould case study to learn how we did it.

Effective law firm marketing means communicating with and engaging customers and prospects on issues of importance to them. Research shows that in-house buyers of law firm services are looking for specific expertise and experience. A strategic, integrated PR and content management program keeps your attorneys’ expertise and experience top of mind with prospects and existing customers, giving them multiple channels to follow your law firm and your attorneys on subjects of interest to them.

Paid and Earned Media, Content Marketing, Social Media

Snow Communications’ law firm PR and marketing programs target broad business media, local media, industry and specialized media, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels, leveraging your attorneys’ knowledge…and time. We bring advertising and marketing approaches refined through our work with top corporate clients like Hormel and 3M.

We’re the three-time winner of the Legal Marketing Association Your Honor award for best law firm PR. Snow has successfully promoted groups practicing:

  • Patent and trademarks
  • Employment law
  • Class action
  • Bankruptcy
  • Building and construction
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Securities
  • Insurance coverage and defense
  • Business law
  • Franchise