Case Study – 3M Packaging Management Software

Introducing a Software Product for 3M

After 3M created a new packaging management software solution to help its 100 production facilities across the globe share packaging specifications, it realized that other consumer packaged goods companies could benefit from this product as well. 3M hired Snow Communications to launch the software to the public and to position 3M as a thought leader on issues facing the packaging industry.

Our Objectives

  • Build brand recognition for the product.
  • Promote 3M staff as experts on packaging issues.
  • Build credibility and ensure industry analysts are informed about the software suite and its impact on the existing market.
  • Increase qualified sales leads.

Our Actions

  • Conducted aggressive outreach to target publications across several vertical industries.
  • Introduced and executed an analyst program that resulted in 3M coverage within reports discussing supply chain and packaging issues.
  • Placed byline articles based on presentations and other sales materials provided by 3M.
  • Managed and facilitated a comprehensive speaking program that enabled 3M to discuss packaging issues directly to its prospects.
  • Developed ongoing relations with trade media in each market to promote 3M spokespeople as sources for relevant news stories.

The Results

  • After nine months, 3M achieved positive coverage in 36 publications.
  • 3M was listed as one of the top 100 industry providers in two publications.
  • Total impressions for the coverage were 14,622,666.
  • The analyst relations program resulted in in-person meetings with 25 key analysts.
  • Inclusion in 6 technology reports and participation in several joint web-casts discussing packaging issues.
  • The PR program generated multiple, high-quality leads.

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