On the Passing of a Visionary

by | October 10, 2011

Everyone here at Snow Communications is deeply saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs. His passion for innovation, creativity and persistence has shaped our lives, both personally and professionally.  Much of the joy and wonder we experience with technology is due to his genius.

There are so many wonderful words being said about him amongst his fans, colleagues and competitors from around the globe and across so many communication mediums. However, when cutting to the heart of what matters most, we think he said it best.

Cheers to a well lived life Steve Jobs…and thank you. Rest in peace.

Remembering 9/11

by | September 12, 2011

In many ways, September 11, 2001 feels like it was yesterday. In other ways, it feels like a distant nightmare where you may struggle to not dwell on it too much as the tears might come too fast. Who can forget the shock, devastation and heartbreak for all the countless lives lost? Yet, in spite of this unparalleled feeling of loss, hope remains.

The 9/11 Memorial opens today, September 12, 2011 after a special dedication for families of the victims on September 11. If you don’t have plans to visit New York in the near future, a quick visit to its website is certainly worth a trip.


We will not forget.

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